Best of Berlin Coffee Shops: WIM Kaffee

It’s been a while since I reviewed a coffee shop. During the last year, like everyone else I’ve gotten used to finding alternative ways to have my coffee, such as coffee walks, sitting in parks or on walls, sometimes just standing with my takeaway cup or flask resting on one of those boxes they hide the telephone wires in.

Then a couple of days ago, I stumbled on a blog post review of a coffee shop not far from where I live. After five months living in Berlin, I’d never heard of WIM Kaffee. Not surprising really, with the multitude of amazing roasteries this city has to offer.

So yesterday, after a May morning of freak snow and rain storms, I caught a break in the weather and jumped on my bike – destination WIM Kaffee.

WIM Kaffee sat unassumingly on a quiet side street lined with cherry blossom trees in full bud. I immediately noticed an empty bench outside the window (which had been mentioned in the blog post) languishing in sunshine. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Buzzing with joy, I stepped inside to order. A large table with pastries and cakes lay across the entrance way, a classical symphony and calming, minimal interior design accompanied my view of a woman steaming milk at the back of the shop. While waiting for my cappuccino, I couldn’t help trying to picture the place full of people sitting at tables.

With brew in hand, I made for the bench.

WIM Kaffee sat unassumingly on a quiet side street lined with cherry blossom trees in full bud

Sitting beneath the cherry blossoms and blue sky, I watched people pass, some stopped to take photos under the pink, fluffy bunches. My cappuccino was smooth and creamy. I removed my jacket, lifted my face to the sunshine. After a morning of such wild weather, sitting here seemed bizarre and precious.

I reflected on the breadcrumb trail that had led me to this moment of well-being and abundance. Just the day before, in another part of Berlin, I’d been frustrated with not being able to find a place to have my coffee, all the benches were occupied, there weren’t any parks or walls to sit on. Yet now, here I was. It’s easy to forget that things are always working out for us, bringing us to people and places that transform and teach us, perhaps not when or in the way we desire, but one way or another it all works out. When we aren’t getting what we want, it’s easy to disconnect from faith and intuition. I wonder if I can use my moments of frustration to practice my awareness of this truth.

Of course, it didn’t last. Before long the rain and wind resumed, making the cherry blossoms bow deep, But by then I’d filled my cup – so to speak.

Thanks to Mood Follows Actions for making my WIM Kaffee moment possible:

WIM Kaffee:

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