4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Hello, how are you?
    Are you not go back your
    home town 9th ? stay in Thailand now?😅You really like a Asia.

    Kitaj paint is look like a Marc chagall. I like this picture. Very beautiful color and romantic !


    1. Kyoko hi!!! Yes I’m in London now. How and where are you?? Thank you for kind words about the picture, yes it’s similar to Chagall! 😀


  2. Konnichiwa!
    Thanks, your reply.
    Watashi wa mochiron nihon, Osaka ni imasuyo.
    Cold isn’t it?

    Because, chagall also kitaj is same race.🎨

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    1. Notebook Adventurer March 19, 2021 — 3:14 pm

      Hi Kyoko! How are you?


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