Good For the Brain

It gets boring yes, if you don’t have family… it gets boring. My dad in India. Mama dies. He no want to come to America, he came stay with me 3 months, this he no like. America very good country, I don’t want go anywhere but…you feel lonely, that’s the problem, if you’re not married, no kids, that’s the problem. I find many lady, black, white, Latin, Indian, I’m not good, that’s my problem, I stay sometime then I go, that’s my problem. It’s good, I didn’t eat McDonald’s for 4 months, hehe. You know, McDonald’s making so much money, I make money on stock market, should have bought some stock, but now it’s expensive. Oh, you want a pie? Go get it! You want pineapple? Get it, get it!

I’m confused. I like fish, fish is good for brain, heart, I don’t care for chicken, fish is good for brain, as long as your body ok, you’re ok. Body not okay then… Don’t eat fat, fat is bad. In Asia diabetes big problem. I eat rice too much, no good. India, Vietnam, everybody eat rice, but rice is not good. Little bit. I eat too much, you get diabetes, sugar! Yeah no good. You live where? What time metro close? Ah, it’s past midnight. You take taxi? I don’t like Coke, I never drink Coke, Cola is bad, very, very bad, too much sugar, that’s why I don’t drink so much. I didn’t know I was hungry, I was hungry, but I didn’t know. When you drink you need to eat, when you eat you need to drink, it’s no good…

You don’t eat? Why? That’s good. Yeah McDonald’s they’re very smart, they know how to sell to people. And it’s fresh. McDonald’s and Burger King, Nana Square… They open 24/7. They have Pepsi right? Yup they are good. I want to go sleep, I’m very tired…what do you study? Law? What year? You finished? You look for job? Okay. Yeah I don’t know, law is not easy job, not easy anywhere, but if you’re good you make lot of money. Okay. Oh? Oh, okay, okay I understand. Oh wow, okay. They practice law in Bangkok? Yeah. You want to go back? Yeah… you like Bangkok? Bangkok is confusing city. I’m okay. Come back to Washington. I can go back to India any time… you finished? Want to get out?

As overheard in a Bangkok McDonald’s.



4 thoughts on “Good For the Brain

  1. So oddly surreal and funny to overhear random conversations! I have to ask, was this all talk from one person? A really funny, cheerful guy, I’m guessing…
    I was reminded of this post during my errands this morning when I was carrying a heavy bag of groceries back home and I overheard these two young women walking behind me:
    “You have to give yourself incremental goals in life.”
    “Yeah, like I love to drink coffee. I have one at 9 am then another at 10am.”
    “You have so many?”
    “Yeah. It makes me get up, I look forward to it. Let me tell you, some days I am waiting. I am WAITING for 10 to come.”
    🙂 LOL

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    1. Thank you so much for your amazing comment! Yes absolutely sureal and funny, and as soon as I began overhearing it I remember thinking “This is pure gold!” haha 😂 Yes it was all the same person, an Indian man talking to a woman at his table. I love your ‘random’ conversation too, hilarious! You’ve a great memory, I was just lucky to be already sitting there with my laptop! And you have to ask yourself if the Universe meant you to overhear it… I mean, looking back on mine some time later, it’s freaky the message in there that I believe was meant for me! Well, that’s for another post haha 😉 Thanks again for sharing

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  2. That’s GREAT! A teeny tiny one man show. Thanks for sharing! Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Haha yeah he definitely was! He probably had no idea just how entertaining he was being 😀 Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

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