Open Ended

A Light Circle

In my last post, Strange New Worlds, I wrote about the vastness of space and how “no man-made wall has ever proven so completely and perfectly impenetrable as unsurmountable distance. Nothing has proven our absolute ineptitude quite like the unconquerable vastness of time and space.” I tried to capture that strange sense of not knowing—that intangible, yet overwhelming feeling of the unknown and its immensity. Perhaps I ended things a bit cold for the reader, it’s not exactly comforting to meditate on one’s smallness in the context of the whole universe. But there is one more thing about space in all its vastness that I did not mention: its open. The secrets of the universe are all there, everywhere, hidden in plain sight.

I look to the stars with great hope, excited by all the possibilities surrounding us. Every dot of light is a testament to a…

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