First sketch in Japan

I arrived in Fukuoka 3 days ago, ahead of the typhoon which is now lashing the city. On my first full day, the sun beat down as I wandered away from my guest house. The streets were quiet, only the gentle sounds of bicycles and traffic signals, it felt like a scene from a manga cartoon.

I soon passed a shrine and walked through the wooden gateway. As I took in the temple grounds I immediately felt calmer. An old man with a towel around his neck walked past me. Another man in business clothes sat on some steps looking at an orange pagoda. After a while I sat down and sketched.


2 thoughts on “First sketch in Japan

  1. It’s a beautiful sketch 😌
    I like this !

    Hello again, I came back in Osaka now from
    Honomer hostel in Bangkok.
    Have a nice stay in Thailand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kyoko glad you’re back in Osaka safely. Thanks so much for liking my sketch! Was very nice to meet you in Thailand 😄


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