Lost in Hong Kong

Tired of tourist spots and craving a taste of real Hong Kong?

Hong Kong packs an amazing diversity of environments into an incredibly small area. Most people I’ve met have been surprised to discover that, as well as shopping malls and skyscrapers, Hong Kong offers idyllic islands, beaches and country parks. Tourists on a quick visit typically never see more than Victoria Harbour, Temple Street Market and the Central business district. But you don’t have to go too much further to get a slice of real local life.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

This itinerary is good for at least a couple hours diversion. It goes from Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station to Golden Computer Center in Sham Shui Po. The walk takes you through one of the most vibrant residential areas of Kowloon.

Getting there

Hop on the MTR’s red line towards Tseun Wan and get off at Cheung Sha Wan Station. From Kowloon’s tourist hub Tsim Sha Tsui it’s a 16 minute train ride.

Come out of Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station by Exit A2 onto Tonkin Street. Turn left on Tonkin Street and go straight.

When you hit Un Chau Street turn right and carry on straight.

Don’t forget to look up!

After 4 blocks Un Chau Street intersects with Yen Chow Street. Take another right down Yen Chow Street. You’ve now properly entered Sham Shui Po district.

Walk for about one block along Yen Chow Street. It starts to get more crowded here and you’ll see lots of restaurants, phone shops and electronics/computer shops. This is the heart of Sham Shui Po.

You’ll soon hit Golden Compter Center on your left. You can’t miss it! We’ve arrived at our destination.

From here have fun exploring the street market and find some cool gadgets in the electronics shops, not just in Golden Center but in the smaller shopping arcades in the surrounding streets.

And while you’re here, don’t miss getting an egg waffle, they’re a Hong Kong institution!

Have you been here? If you’ve anything to add or want to share your experiences please leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Lost in Hong Kong

  1. Finding Kathy Brown June 10, 2017 — 7:22 pm

    Hong Kong is on my bucket list. Hope to travel there one day. Great blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading and your kind comment 🙂 Yes HK is an incredible place, I hope you get to visit!!


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