4 Reasons to Love Mornings in Madrid

Madrid offers breakfast lovers a few special perks worth waking up for.

1. The mighty Churro


I’d never thought of churros for breakfast before visiting Madrid but soon came to learn how much they’re a part of the fabric of Spanish life. If you’ve never had them, churros are fried dough snacks rolled in plenty of sugar. To celebrate my first morning in Madrid I headed down to Maestro Churrero in Plaza Mayor Square where customers were busy dipping their churros in hot chocolate or coffee. I happily joined in the fun.

2. Porras


My adventures with fried donut snacks in Madrid didn’t stop with churros. I soon came face to face with something that looked a bit like a churro but cut longer (it barely fit on the plate!) and without the sugar-coating. What struck me most about porras is how much the taste and texture reminded me of Hong Kong style donuts which I’ve long adored. The Hong Kong version is typically eaten with – and dunked in –  hot or cold soy bean milk. I made do with dipping my porras in coffee and it was divine!

3. Breakfasting saloon style


I love the Spanish tradition of sitting at the bar in restaurants and cafes. Given the choice of a table or the bar I’ll head straight for the latter. Sitting at the bar just feels more fun and closer to the action. There’s the communal aspect too of being shoulder to shoulder with total strangers. Perhaps it’s also that sitting on a stool and not being able to recline backwards makes me more alert and able to appreciate everything that’s going on around me.

4. It’s ok to oversleep

Starting the day late is so ingrained in Spanish culture that a couple of years back McDonald’s were forced to extend their breakfast time to 12pm. Being a late riser myself, I really appreciated being able to walk into cafes and restaurants in Madrid after 11.30am and still get breakfast. Not only that, being surrounded by other people having a super late croissant and coffee made me felt less guilty about my own laziness.

What would you add to this list? Please share your ideas in the comments below and feel free to share this post if you found it useful.

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