A Backpacker’s Guide to Working Out Without a Gym

10 thoughts on “A Backpacker’s Guide to Working Out Without a Gym”

    1. Hey thanks for reading and your comment! That’s sounds great, I used to run a lot and took my running shoes with me when I traveled 🙂 I loved the feeling of running in a new city in another country 🙂 What do you do about diet?

      Happy travels!

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      1. Yes, running in a new city is so exciting to me and I see areas I wouldn’t otherwise notice just going by in a car or public transportation. As far as diet, I don’t go crazy. I just eat in moderation and if I want a small dessert, I’ll eat one. I just make sure I’m eating more fruits and veggies than unhealthy foods.

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      2. Thanks for the tips beautifuldiaspora I could not agree more running to travel. In fact I have recently started a small album with photos I take whilst running, be it in Europe, the Caribbean or Asia (nothing on my blog yet but will be at some point). So far, the best runs I could recommend are mostly near river banks, such as in Bristol, Paris, Kyoto and Rome. I also found that joining an international workout community has helped me keep fit and work out regularly. In case of interest, the community I joined it’s named Fitness Base Camp. Surely there are others, but the good thing of this one is you start with a 90 day 10×10 challenge (10 exercise in 10 minutes), you need very little space to carry the exercises and everyone is very supportive and logs their entries, which keeps me motivated!

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      3. Hi CrabAdventures, sorry for my late reply. I really appreciate you reading and glad you like the tips. Sounds like you’ve run in some amazing places and the river bank suggestion is great. I really like your tip about joining a workout community, that would definitely keep me motivated too 🙂 And the fact that it needs little space to carry the exercises is even better!

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