A Bangkok Secret

The Big Mango’s best breakfast place – just don’t tell anyone.

Where is it?

I first stumbled on Pen Little restaurant while staying at the nearby Born Free Hostel. It’s nicely secluded within one of Banglumpoo’s maze of backstreet neighbourhoods, about 15 minutes walk from Khao San Road. See it on the map.


It’s a small family run restaurant. The shack-like appearance with wooden tables, benches and canopy creates the perfect lazy setting to slowly wake up to the Bangkok humidity.

The Food

The breakfast and lunch items are super cheap. When you sit down you’re given a little notepad and pen to write down your order. I’m a sucker for their scrambled eggs on toast with coffee. Somehow they manage to get the most awesome crema on their coffee, better than a lot of expensive coffee shops. I also recommend the Thai Green Curry and mango shake.



It’s a popular place with backpackers staying in the area but has never been over-run when I’ve visited. I’ve enjoyed some very chilled out mornings, planning my day ahead, sketching and listening to the chat of other travelers.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, these kinds of places are disappearing. You used to find more of this type of simple restaurant and cafe on Khao San Road and nearby, but commercialization is killing them off. So, check out Pen Little while you can – just don’t tell too many people – it’ll be our little secret.

Need accommodation in this area? Check out Born Free Hostel and 3Howw Hostel. Or a bigger list of  hostels in Bangkok and Thailand.

Pen Little
45 ซอย สามเสน 4 Samsen Rd, Khwaeng Ban Phan Thom, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand

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