Best of Berlin Coffeeshops: Garcia Kaffeebar

All about coffee and food made with love.

I was looking for coffee places during my stay at Wallyard Concept Hostel in Moabit, Berlin and Garcia Kaffeebar had good reviews. It’s tucked into a quietish side street and the low-key exterior makes a nice first impression.

The interior is subtle, with a simple, open layout, copper brushed walls and wood surfaces.

The focal point is the bar and expresso machine. I love the combination of blue painted tiles and touches of red.

I especially like it when coffee places don’t try to impose an environment on you and as the owner Konrad told me:

Our focus is on good quality coffee and food that is made fresh and with love.

Konrad went on to show his passion for crafting the perfect latte:

Prices are slightly below the average for coffee places in Berlin. WiFi is excellent and the large wooden table is a comfortable place to work or study. Several comfy armchairs and a bench outside offer relaxing seating options.

Garcia is an ideal place to chill or work if you are in the area. Even if you’re not nearby, it’s definitely worth the journey.

Garcia Kaffeebar
Waldstrasse 59, Moabit, 10551 Berlin, Germany

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